Phased Return to Activity Plan – Coronavirus Update

We hope that you are doing well, staying both safe and healthy.  All of us at Special Olympics Southern California (SOSC) miss seeing you and look forward to a time when we can all get back together in-person.

Speaking of getting back together, we want to provide an update about SOSC’s plans for a safe return to activity.  Included with this email is a document that outlines our Phased Return to Activity Plan.  It is important to note that as we work through each of the phases, we will closely monitor that we are meeting expectations around compliance, education/training, and preparation.  Noted below, are some highlights and important information that will help you better understand our plan and the phases within the plan.

Please note that these plans do not include traditional SOSC Sports Seasons for 2021 due to the health concerns from the pandemic.  Rather, we will be offering those sports – identified through national and local organizations – that are most suitable to help ensure the safety of the athletes, volunteers and you.  The sports identified below and in the attachment will be the only approved sports during each phase.


  • The Return to Activity Plan is part of the broader Reach Every Athlete Campaign. This campaign is designed to provide athletes with the equipment, training, and resources needed to participate in Special Olympics during the health crisis. You can learn more about this campaign at
  • The Phased Return to Activity Plan is based on a best-case scenario.
  • We will closely monitor all state, county, and local jurisdictions to ensure that SOSC is compliant with all current rules and regulations.
  • All Regions will return to activity at the same time and follow the Phased Return to Activity Plan.   This is due to the logistics of transitioning to the next phase, resources, and maintaining quality and consistent programming.
  • The earliest that we will enact Phase 1 is April 1, 2021.
  • We will systematically move through each phase with a minimum of 90 days in each phase.
  • We will not skip or shorten phases.  This will allow sufficient time to assess progress and make any necessary adjustments before moving to the next phase.
  • We will provide an announcement at least 60 days before the start of a new phase.
  • We will continue to offer virtual programming, such as the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, Move Across California and Virtual Sports Leagues for those athletes and coaches who may not be ready to return to activity.
  • The earliest we will enact Phase 4 is January 1, 2022.


  • Phase 0  (We are currently in this phase.)
    • No in-person activity.  Allows only for virtual programming.
  • Phase 1
    • Allows for groups of 10 or less to gather in controlled settings.
    • Sports Offered:  Athletics, Bocce, Golf
    • Competition:  NONE
  • Phase 2
    • Allows for groups of 50 or less to gather in controlled settings.
    • Sports Offered:  Athletics, Bocce, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Softball, and Swimming
    • Competition:  Scrimmages, Small and Local One-Day Events, League Play
  • Phase 3
    • Allows for groups of 250 or less to gather in controlled settings.
    • Sports Offered:  TBD.  We will review what we learn in Phases 1 and 2 to help us determine what sports will be offered in Phase 3.
    • Competition:  Scrimmages, Small and Local One-Day Events, League Play, Regional Competition within the Division
  • Phase 4
    • No limit on the size of the gathering.
    • Sports Offered:  All SOSC approved sports for the given season.
    • Competition:  Local, Regional, Divisional and Chapter events

Return to Activity Phases PDF

If you have any questions   please contact your local Regional Office for more information. We will provide our next update on or before February 1, 2021.


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