Tag: Flame of Hope

Team Ethan: Tough

Look up the word tough in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and there are nine definitions, several related to a person’s character. Two stand out, including “capable of enduring strain, hardship” and “characterized by uncompromising determination.” For those, an easier definition would be to list the name Ethan Russell with a photo featuring one of his trademark ...

Year to Remember for Sheriff’s Deputy, Daughter

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Moran remembers the day his daughter, Brittney, was born. As he puts it: "I received an angel from God."

Hard Work Brings Torch to Games

For 27 years, Eric Ledesma has been a police officer and in each of those years, he has been involved with Special Olympics through the Law Enforcement Torch Run. Now a Lieutenant for the Long Beach Police Department, the LETR Final Leg brings everything full circle for Lt. Ledesma. His participation in the 2017 Torch ...

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