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On Sunday, the LA Galaxy Special Olympics Southern California Unified Soccer Team completed their season with a 4-0 win over San Jose. They finished a perfect 3-0 on the season.

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But what you might have missed is what has been said about the experience the #PlayUnified teammates experienced. Here is just some of what is floating out there on social media after the memorable experience for all.

No words could ever truly express how grateful, honored, and blessed I am to have been part of the @lagalaxy @sosocal Unified Team. We ended our season Sunday with a 3-0-0 record but that isn’t what made me the happiest. It was waking up on Saturdays looking forward to 9AM practices, getting to joke around #BANGERZ 🤘🏽, traveling with one another and creating bonds not only with ourselves but with the opposing team, and most importantly we got to become one big family. We are all equals on and off the field, we share the same respect for one another, and I will always cherish our time together. Volunteering has been one of the best decisions I’ve made and encourage everyone to go out there and do your part. I promise you, it’ll be worth it ♥️ I love you guys!!!

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playing on this year’s LA Galaxy Special Olympics Unified Team has been an honor. it has given me the chance to play on Professional MLS Stadiums, travel to places i’ve never been to before, meet amazing people & players, understand what it means to #PlayUnified & most importantly have fun with everyone around me as we experienced this opportunity together! being part of this has showed me that, despite your condition, we are all equal. we all share the same interest for the sport & love for the game so that’s the most important aspect. we play & represent in a positive way the 2 crests on our jerseys, which are the Special Olympics & LA Galaxy crests. being able to have a personal bond with my teammates on & off the field has been amazing. the way we came together so quickly, our personalities & the way we supported each other. it’s not about individuals. even though the season is over we will always be a FAMILY, nothing can break us! i am truly grateful & blessed for the opportunity i was given this year! ⚽️✨💙💛🤘🏽 #LAGalaxy #Bangerz #26

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Matthieu’s trip to Portland, Oregon this weekend has been life changing for him. He says he’s moving there with his puppy, lol. He does not stop talking about how great his teammates treated him, the laughs, falling asleep in the theatre, shopping, eating a lot, having lunch with the @lagalaxy team and having a great conversation with @emaboateng about his haircut he got at the park for free, lol his Coach Cris letting out some tears for the team, the girls protecting him from the lingerie on the store front and the goal he almost made plus the amazing win his #lagalaxyunified team had at 11-3🙌⚽️🥇👏 this experience has changed my sons life forever and I can’t say thank you enough to everyone involved and thank you to @leapfrog30 @lauryndlt @demidemalia who helped me capture the priceless moments over the weekend and thanks to anyone’s who helped♥️🤗 #mommymoments #proudmom #beyondthankful @sosocal @lagalaxy @la_galaxy_foundation #thankyou

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