Volleyball Strengthens Twins’ Bond

Ryan and Taylor Schubert are more than just brother and sister. The Schuberts, who are also twins, share a player-coach relationship for the Special Olympics Santa Clarita Valley volleyball team.

The bond through volleyball started when they were about 12 years old. At first, Ryan was more involved with basketball and swimming. Growing up, Taylor’s interest in volleyball grew and Ryan was willing to learn.

“It’s awesome. It was something we could both get behind,” Taylor said. “We were already close because we’re twins, in general, but this just got us closer together.

“Especially now that I don’t live at home, it gives me time to spend time with him.”

Among his favorite aspects of the sport, Ryan particularly has taken an interest in serving. Ask him and his enthusiasm will come at you like the force behind one of his serves.

“I’m a killer at that,” he said, proudly.

As for playing on a team coached by his sister?

“She’s an awesome coach, and so is my dad,” he said.

Ryan, 25, has been an athlete for 18 years. You wouldn’t know it by just watching him on the court now or holding a conversation with him, but he started off a bit shy. That’s where Special Olympics has helped him grow into a more comfortable athlete and person, Taylor said.

“I like being part of a team, hanging out with friends and meeting new people,” Ryan added.

On this particular day, you could find Ryan vocalizing his support behind each one of his teammates’ positive plays on the court. A high-five here, a smile and a hug there.

In fact, good sportsmanship is one of the aspects he loves about Special Olympics.

“I like to say nice things to the other team and my own,” Ryan said.

Watch the team in action and he won’t be hard to point out.

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