Driven by Competiton

By Christian Barel

Danielle Moore’s life has always been sports-centric. At a young age, she was regularly involved in different sports, playing in leagues for local churches and parks. It was through these organizations that Danielle got to practice what she loves to do: compete. She would play in the leagues until she surpassed the required age limit.

Eagerly wanting to continue pursuing her love of sports, Danielle was introduced to Special Olympics at 12 years old. A whole new world of opportunities to play different sports opened up. In 13 years, Danielle has played basketball, softball and tennis.

“Special Olympics changed her life,” said Donna Moore, Danielle’s mother. “She is able to play and be part of a team.”

STORY Danielle Moore

Danielle Moore

Next year, the 26-year-old is taking her basketball skills to the national level. Danielle, along with 70 other athletes from Southern California, will compete at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle.

“We were happy when we found out,” Donna said. “It is an honor because not everyone can go and have this opportunity.”

Currently, Danielle remains focused on the USA Games. She has started a new diet, eating much healthier, and implemented a new training and workout routine.

Her coaches play a big factor in her progression. While they guide her as an athlete, a connection formed that goes beyond just training and sports. The bond has become a friendship, which is unsurprising because Danielle is admired for her humorous and welcoming personality.

“She is a loving person,” Donna said. “She is always trying to get people to like her.”

When Danielle is not competing for Special Olympics, you can still find her on the courts playing ball for HoopStars Basketball in Pomona. Outside of sports, she enjoys volunteering at stores or playing with her golden Labrador named Angel.

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