#SundaySpotlight: Scott Haynes

Scott Haynes was in the net, stopping shots for the San Diego Vista Red Wings at the Floor Hockey Championship on March 11. The 30-year-old even posted a shutout in one of the team’s three games, a 5-0 win over the Laguna Hills Eagle Hawks, to help them earn the silver medal in the green division.

Scott relishes his role as the goalkeeper.

“Anything about hockey, period, I love. I’m the last wall of defense between the puck and the net,” he said between games at The RINKS in Huntington Beach.

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The fact he is able to stand upright, at all, is a feat in itself. Nine years ago, Scott was in a car accident and had a dramatic brain injury that affected his motor skills.

Dennis Haynes saw his son’s determination to return to competition. Since he was 7 years old, sports have been in his life. In addition to floor hockey, Scott has participated in bowling and track and field in recent years with Special Olympics Southern California.

His floor hockey coach Tim Glynn is also proud of how Scott has learned to channel his emotions. At one point, Scott was almost banned from competition.

Scott simply applied the values Special Olympics has instilled in him along the way: With hard work, focus and self-discipline, another opportunity will present itself.

“I’m still not where I was before (the accident),” Scott said. “But you always get a second chance if you don’t make it the first time, and even a third chance.”

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