INSIDE SOSC: ‘A Snowball of Goodwill’

The road to Summer Games draws near as competitions around the regions wind down and June approaches.

Athletes from San Diego County and beyond made their way to Carlsbad High School last Saturday for basketball, bocce and swimming competitions.

PHOTOS: 2018 San Diego Regional Spring Games

The host county has enjoyed the support of two longtime contributors, and before the event presented the Chuck and Pilar Bahde Outstanding Athlete Award to Phillip Ramirez.

STORY Phillip Ramirez

Phillip Ramirez

“Phillip embodies what it means to be a team player and a dedicated athlete,” said Ken Grandlund, head coach of the Vista Ball Hawks.

“I think other players recognize this characteristic in Phillip and emulate it themselves, creating a snowball effect of goodwill to many, from many.”

While her husband has since passed away, Pilar said that Chuck “was very involved with Special Olympics” and wanted to continue the gesture. Last year, the award was created in the region.

“We think it’s a very worthwhile cause,” Pilar added. “[Special Olympics] really looks out for its athletes.”

L.A. Galaxy Unified

The 2018 L.A. Galaxy Unified soccer team will make its debut Friday against the Boys and Girls L.A. Galaxy Academy at StubHub Center in Carson.

The 20-person team was announced earlier this month. Meet the team.

Healthy Athletes at Summer Games

Special Olympics Southern California’s dedication to its athletes doesn’t stop at the playing fields and courts. The health of the athletes is important, too.

Six free health screenings will be available for all athletes in attendance at the 2018 Summer Games on June 9 and 10 at Cal State Long Beach. The athletes will see clinicians who specialize in dental, hearing, optometry and podiatry, as well as diet and fitness.

Learn more about each station, and find out what times they will be available.

Inside the SOSC is a blog written by staff member Tracy McDannald. John Shaffer, manager of public relations and social media, contributed to this report. It is a more feature-style approach to looking inside what makes Special Olympics Southern California so unique, so special. It is meant to explore the people and their stories. One word at a time.

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