USA Games Spotlight: Hannah Larsh and Ramona Parrish

One month from now, Ramona Parrish and Hannah Larsh will be off to Seattle along with their Lompoc High School Unified basketball teammates for the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games.

For Ramona, the newest member to the team, Special Olympics provides an opportunity to get “stronger.”


Hannah Larsh

Ramona Parrish - Lompoc HS Unified Basketball Team - Special Oly

Ramona Parrish

As part of a Unified team, the Special Olympics athletes also get the athletic experience of being integrated alongside individuals without intellectual disabilities. Unified partners like Hannah, who brings an infectious energy to team’s makeup, help bring the two sides together to work as one.

“It’s like the coolest thing ever,” Hannah said. “Now that I’ve met [Ramona] and a whole bunch of other people, it’s opening my eyes.

“It’s so cool, I’m having so much fun. This has been a blast, man.”

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