#SundaySpotlight: Antoinette and Bernadette Valencia

By Hannah van Warmerdam

As the saying goes, two is better than one and that is certainly true when it comes to the Valencia twins. These twin sisters are 32 years old and radiate joy when they are with each other. Antoinette and Bernadette, or “Annie” and “B,” have been involved in Special Olympics since 2004.

In addition to their athletic achievements and abilities in basketball and softball, the twins are most proud of earning their certificates for sports medicine from Mt. San Antonio College.

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Their hard work and dedication on and off the court has definitely paid off.

“I have met many new friends and have improved in my sports,” Bernadette said of her time with Special Olympics. “It has given me the confidence to succeed in any challenges life throws at me.”

Annie and B continue to show their perseverance in all that they do. Heading into the 2018 USA Games, the twins will be competing with the Pomona basketball team. They are ready to work hard and take on anything that comes their way.

While preparing to face some of the top women’s Special Olympics team’s, Annie is most looking forward to soaking up “the overall experience with [her] teammates and coaches.”

It is clear the Valencia twins don’t run away from a challenge but instead face it head on. Here’s more from Antoinette and Bernadette:

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