USA Games Spotlight: Ashlee Bahr

By Sean Minnihan

If there’s one endearing quality shared between the 66 Special Olympics Southern California athletes headed to Seattle this summer, it would undoubtedly be the commitment to set and achieve their goals.

Ashlee Bahr is no different.

“Special Olympics has helped me the most by getting stronger, overcoming my fears and anxiety, and help me accomplish my goals,” she said. “The goals I’ve had for myself are to finish the race, always finish the race, and to never get down on myself whether I win or lose.”

With her can-do attitude and certainly by being brave in the attempt, Ashlee has continued to set high standards for herself in effort to push herself to her very best. Even in the months leading up to Summer Games and upcoming USA Games, Ashlee found new ways to challenge herself by racing in the 200-meter run for the first time at the 2018 Tri-Valley Regional competition. The recent accomplishment topped her list.

“When I won the 200 race and I got first place that was a huge accomplishment for me,” Ashlee said.

With her many accomplishments on the track, Ashlee admits to owing a lot of her success to her role model, her mom.

“My mom is my role model because she’s always told me that I could do anything I wanted to. She’s always pushed me, and she’s always been a huge encouragement to me,” Ashlee added.

An accomplished track and field competitor for 15 years, Ashlee will be attending her first USA Games competition. Her ambition and drive to be her very best have led to continued success and several accolades. Ashlee is a five-time gold medalist in the shot put, and has multiple golds in the 50, 100, 4×100 relay, and 200 run events. Now, with SOSC Summer Games behind her, she is looking forward to competing in the 100, 200,4×100 and shot put in Seattle.

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