Plane Pull Spotlight: Couples that Plane Pull Together, Stay Together

Alvin Durham and his wife Kristina Durham both work in the police force. Alvin is a Los Angeles police officer, holds the position of honor guard, and is a firearms instructor. Kristina is a LA County Deputy in the sheriff’s department. Their involvement with the Plane Pull and Special Olympics Southern California began at the LA County Sheriff’s Department chili cook-off where Alvin helped his then girlfriend, Kristina.

After, the chili cook-off Alvin had the opportunity to work at the World Games in Los Angeles where he presented medals and escorted athletes to their buses. Both Alvin and Kristina began to dedicate their time at SOSC Tip-A-Cop events, Torch Runs, and Summer Games.

“I enjoy working with the athletes as well as other volunteers to promote the inclusion of people with different abilities,” said Kristina.


As a member of the LETR Council, Alvin was encouraged by his fellow council members to participate at the 2018 Plane Pull and shared the opportunity with his wife. “It seems to be an amazing way to get the word out about Special Olympics, and a fun way to get my partners involved in the cause”, said Kristina.

The pair are currently getting ready for this year’s 14th Annual Plane Pull fundraiser on August 17 at Long Beach Airport. Alvin is training with the Explorer Academy Recruits, all young adults ranging from 14-20 years old, to prepare himself to pull a 124,000 pound jet. His team is made up of a variety of police officers from the LA Unified School District. Kristina’s team is made up of the youth services unit from the sheriff’s department. As a couple competing on opposing sides, there is sure to be some fierce competition. “May the best Durham win,” said Kristina.

The Durham’s undoubtedly are proud to support Special Olympics Southern California and promote inclusion through this fun team competition. Last year the event raised more than $190,000 for SOSC. Participants can choose to join a team, compete as an individual, donate, and or sponsor this annual event.

“To those that support SOSC I would say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your generosity does not go unnoticed.  Also, I would tell SOSC supporters to adopt the philosophy of “one more”… help out with one more event.. donate to one more SOSC event… help us spread the message of Inclusion because our SOSC Athletes are worth it,” said Alvin.

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