2019 Bowling Coach of the Season Announced

Orange County coach Ngoc Lan Tran was named Special Olympics Southern California’s bowling coach of the season at Saturday’s championship event in Fountain Valley.

An invaluable coach for the athletes on the Fountain Valley Sharkwaves, Lan has greatly contributed to the success of a team with more than 30 competitors. Although quiet with a calm demeanor, she takes the lead when it comes to ensuring the athletes understand the sport through appropriate instruction based on the athletes’ development.

Lan also strives to continue learning more about the sport through in-person coaches’ training. This past season, she also recruited several coaches to bolster the support for the athletes.

Away from the lanes, Lan is actively involved in fundraising efforts including Tip-A-Cops and other Law Enforcement Torch Run activities.

Lan also is the mother of athlete Kyle Ly. It has become apparent she not only cares about his experience, but the success and enjoyment of the rest of the athletes. Bowling is just one of many sports Lan coaches, and she has stepped up to provide the athletes a quality experience.

  1. Congratulations Lan ! Way to go! I don’t doubt the athletes appreciate all your hard work. Best regards, Mark


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