SOSC to Cancel Practices & Competitions Through 6/7 and Fundraising Events through 5/10 due to Coronavirus

Due to new recommendations released by the CDC and State of California, we are cancelling all sports trainings/practices, coach trainings, competitions, and co-hosted school activities through June 7 and all fundraising events through May 10.

Both national and local authorities have strongly urged that all events of 50 or more people are cancelled through at least May 10. With only a month remaining in the spring season after May 10, there would not have been enough time for coaches and athletes to have proper training and competitions to effectively put on the season. Extending the season was not an option as the summer season starts in June. This includes the cancellation of Summer Games.

We did not make this decision lightly, but we believe this is an opportunity to develop new programming that athletes can implement at home. We are currently in discussions with employees and Athlete Input Councils to develop training plans, wellness guidance, a culmination activity for the spring season, and more for our athletes, coaches, and fans to stay involved until programming resumes. The goal is to develop alternative ways that the SOSC community can still gain the health, social, and joyful benefits that come with our programming. Stay tuned for more on that in early April.

The decision to cancel fundraising events through May 10 also includes Tip-A-Cops. We are coming up with alternative ways to host fundraising events virtually, such as online auctions, and will provide an update once they are confirmed. We will provide an update by April 3 that will address all other fundraising events and Torch Runs (Final Legs) scheduled for after May 10.

We will continue to put the health and safety of the Special Olympics Southern California community first. Due to the medical conditions of some people with intellectual disabilities, the nature of close and physical contact while playing sports, and the increased exposure to the virus, our athletes are at a higher risk of contracting the virus, including a severe case.

We will continue to monitor the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) daily as this is a quickly evolving situation, and we will update you if other programming is modified and as new information arises.

Health Tip

Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces, such as light switches, door handles, hand rails, telephones, and so on.

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Stay safe and healthy.

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