Summer & Fall Updates Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

This is an update regarding SOSC’s plans for the 2020 Summer and Fall Seasons.

Summer Season

Because of the continued risk to the athletes from the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Summer Season will continue with an enhanced version of Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (HLC) based on the excellent feedback from participants.  While some Safer-at-Home restrictions are being lifted, there is a risk for transmitting the virus through training and competing in sports. The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (HLC) has proved to be an effective online platform that provides athletes the chance to stay fit, eat smart, and have fun.  HLC will run through August 28 and will have three 4-week sessions.  The first session will start Monday, June 8 and goes through Friday, July 3.

Here are the new features added to HLC:

  1. Option to participate without registering for the challenge
  2. Reduction in the number of required challenge sessions per week
  3. Sports-specific training videos
  4. Workout, skills and drills modifications will be added so that more athletes can participate
  5. Live instruction and demonstration via platforms like Zoom
  6. Free activity day, i.e. walking or running clubs and other activities
  7. Incentives for participation
  8. Healthy Athletes Strong Minds and other mental health resources
  9. Enhanced nutrition and hydration videos, including healthy recipe sharing and live cooking events

Fall Season

We do not have a decision on when we will return to in-person training and competition.  However, SOSC will use a tiered approach to returning to training and competition.  Based on the information we have now, we will continue with the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge in the fall.  We will monitor national, state, county and local regulations and advisories from health authorities to determine when we feel it is prudent to move to the next level.

The next update regarding the Fall Season will be available by August 14. Thank you and be well!

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