Colbert Williams: A Fierce Competitor and Passionate Vons Employee

By Rachel Bialkin

Since 1988, Colbert Williams has been a passionate athlete and fierce competitor with Special Olympics Southern California. Colbert has participated in sports such as basketball, skiing, volleyball, swimming, track & field, and speed skating. His favorite sport to play is floor hockey! Colbert loves to participate in each sport because it keeps him busy and active. He is so grateful for all the friendships he has gained over the years through Special Olympics.

Colbert has been an employee at Vons for 13 years. You can find him bagging groceries, gathering carts, and helping his customers with carry out. “I’ve never been late; I’m always on time,” Colbert says with a big smile. Learn more about the Albertsons, Vons, and Pavilions campaign at 

Colbert would like to thank the Special Olympics and everyone who donates to the Special Olympics for giving him the opportunity to play, and compete, as well as giving him a place to develop life-long friendships. He is very hopeful that with everyone’s cooperation, sports will be able to continue so he can see all his amazing friends and coaches again.

“I can’t wait to get back to sports!”

To donate to SOSC, visit 

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