USA Games Athlete Spotlight: Sibling Duo Tyrone And La Shanda Share a Momentous Occasion

By Terrionna Brockman 

Tyrone Garrett is a track and field athlete from Pomona, California, and now lives with his older sister and USA Games head coach, La Shanda Shipp in Rancho Cucamonga. They are both headed to the Games in Orlando, Florida, and get to share this momentous occasion with one another. 

Prior to joining Special Olympics Southern California (SOSC), Tyrone weighed in at 300 pounds, but once he got active through SOSC sports he shed the pounds leaving him feeling great and more in tune with his body. It was through track and field, implementing lifestyle changes, and the support of loved ones that impacted his weight loss journey. “He was able to get his weight down. He was able to get off of a lot of medications and be able to maintain his weight through healthy eating and exercise,” La Shanda explains. 

Tyrone is no first-timer when it comes to competitions and airplane rides. He was a part of the World Games team and traveled to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which was his first time flying! He now looks forward to another chance to fly on the trip to Orlando. When asked what he is looking forward to the most at USA Games, he shares his excitement about traveling to a new city and state and that he wants to visit Disneyworld. 

Tyrone said that he was happy and excited when he found out that he would be going to USA Games. To prepare, the duo takes part in fitness challenges with the team and they walk, run, stretch, and practice consistently. The world-traveling track star will be running the 100m, 200m, and 400m relay at the Games, representing Team SOSC. Both Tyrone and La Shanda are honored to represent Southern California and Pomona Valley. 

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