Michael Johnson Is Blazing His Own Path

By Sean Longley

Michael Johnson has been a Special Olympics athlete for decades. He first began to participate in Special Olympics activities when he was about 10 years old. During his time, Michael has participated in many sports, including basketball, floor hockey, golf, and bowling. Now 44, Michael participates in his favorite sport every week in a league at a local bowling alley.  

Special Olympics holds a special place in Michael’s heart. Having been a regular participant for decades, he has made many friends through the organization, many of whom he has known for more than 20 years. He has created lifelong relationships and fostered a healthy lifestyle.  

Beyond his participation in sports, Michael also has a number of habits to keep him healthy and happy. He is a big fan of eating salads, does aerobics on Zoom, and goes to the park for walks with friends. For fun, Michael likes to play on his iPad, cook, clean, go to the beach, and play with his roommates’ kids.  

Michael is also active in his community, volunteering at his church. He goes with his parents every weekend and can often be found helping at the coffee station and passing out pamphlets. Church is his favorite thing to do with his family. On top of being active in the community, Michael also works at a local McDonald’s, where he spends most of his time cleaning.  

When asked to describe himself in one word Michael chose “happy.” He wants everyone to know that he is just like everyone else, even if he does have some differences. He loves sports and food, enjoys watching Family Matters, loves the color red, and even participates in a local theater group. Michael is blazing his own path and showing others that even if he was born different, he is successful and happy and enjoys what he does, both as an athlete and as an individual.

  1. Congratulations Mike.


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