Congratulations to the Coaches of the 2022 Fall Season

At the 2022 Fall Games, we paid tribute to the amazing work that the coaches do year-round. Follow are 5 coaches who were awarded Coach of the Season recognition during Fall Games Opening Ceremony on November 12.


Gerry Quintal – Golf – Los Angeles County North

Gerry QuintalGerry has been the head coach for Santa Clarita Valley (SCV) golf programs for over 10 years.  Gerry is a golfer and a Special Olympics parent so he has the perfect combination of sport skill and compassion for our athletes.  SCV Golf program grows bigger every season and that is because of Gerry’s leadership. Gerry also leads our annual athlete competition. He makes sure we offer skills so that all athletes are included in our competition. We thank Gerry for all of his volunteer service.

Mark Peterson – Softball – Kern County

Mark PetersonMark has taken on a substantial load this season. Not only has he been helping with his softball team, he coordinates schedules for two other sports. It has been a rebuilding season for Kern, yet Mark has taken it all in stride and he lead his delegation into Fall Games. His love for the athletes is evident and he continues to build meaningful relationships with every family.

Leti Lemus – Soccer – Santa Barbara County

Leti LemusLeti Lemus has been coaching in Santa Barbara for over 10 years. She is one of the nicest and kindest people you will ever meet.  She goes above and beyond in all aspects of her life and is respected and admired by all athletes and coaches. Leti has been the head bowling coach in Santa Barbara for a long time and this year took over the soccer program.  She hit the ground running and has organized a terrific program. Leti is someone we have grown to count on and she constantly volunteers to help at events and other programs.

Christina Kirkman – Tennis – San Luis Obispo County

Christina KirkmanChristina is absolutely incredible and has coached every sport we have offered in Santa Maria since the pandemic. Right now, she is helping coach both tennis and softball in Santa Maria. She is also a huge part of why we were able to send our Santa Maria softball team to Fall Games. Christina does not have any kids or family members that are involved in our Special Olympics programs, she just coaches because she loves being involved and loves helping. Christina is amazing and an inspiration to myself and many others!

Lan Tran – Volleyball – Orange County

Lan TranIf we could clone Lan, we absolutely would. She’s a mom, a supporter, a volunteer, a coach… she literally does it all. Her son is an athlete who plays volleyball, but she came out to volunteer and support a soccer clinic in Orange County (OC). She and her son were out to support some of his friends on the softball team in October. They were also at the OC soccer competition to show support and volunteer after they went to surfing lessons in early November. Lan is kind and helpful and just the sweetest.  She’s encouraging and positive and always willing to help.


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