Ramos Family of Volunteers

Father-daughter duo Robert and Jasmyn Ramos are sports volunteers with Special Olympics Southern California.

Robert had been volunteering for years and had taken a brief hiatus, while Jasmyn has recently joined as a first-time volunteer. Jasmyn and Robert love being volunteer scorekeepers at SOSC Championship events.  

“Being a scorekeeper is a very technical job,” says Robert, “You’ve really got to pay attention. You cannot miss anything. But it’s fun. It’s really fun to watch the players.” 

Jasmyn’s favorite part is seeing the joy on the athletes’ faces as they participate in their favorite sports. She is amazed by their talent and sportsmanship.  

“I love the sportsmanship. That is a huge part of Special Olympics. And you often don’t even see that in regular sports so the fact that the program is so connected. I love that so much.” 

She also appreciates the camaraderie among the athletes, and it warms her heart to see them having fun.

Robert finds humility in volunteering at the Special Olympics. He had been doing it for a while and has seen the impact it had on his son, who had also volunteered before going to college. Robert wants to instill the values of gratitude and appreciation in his children, and he was proud to have Jasmyn follow in her brother’s footsteps. 

The duo share a special memory of meeting an athlete named John at a tennis competition. Jasmyn formed an instant connection with him and was thrilled when he remembered her at a subsequent competition. Robert was moved by John’s determination to play tennis despite being in a wheelchair. It was a moment they would always cherish. 

For Jasmyn, volunteering with the Special Olympics had made her more appreciative and grateful for what she has. She realizes the importance of sportsmanship and camaraderie, and how it is often overlooked in mainstream sports. She feels privileged to be part of such an amazing program that has brought happiness to the athletes. 

Robert hopes that Jasmyn, being an athlete herself, is learning valuable lessons about sportsmanship and caring for others through her volunteering experience. Jasmyn agrees wholeheartedly and believes that Special Olympics is a place where people care less about winning and more about creating a supportive environment. 

Jasmyn would highly recommend volunteering with the Special Olympics to anyone who is curious about volunteering. She feels that it has changed her life for the better, opening her eyes to new experiences and making her more appreciative of what she has. Robert echoes her sentiments and shares how he has even brought a friend to volunteer, who is now loving it too. 

Robert has a lot of pride in being a volunteer at Special Olympics, and Jasmyn knows that she has found a meaningful way to give back to her community through volunteering. As their journey as volunteers at the Special Olympics continues, they look forward to many more heartwarming moments and life-changing experiences. 

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