Congratulations 2023 Floorball and Spring Coaches of the Season!

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Coaches of the Season for the Special Olympics Southern California 2023 Floorball and Spring seasons who were presented their awards at the 2023 Summer Games Opening Ceremony. Their dedication and passion for supporting Special Olympics athletes is truly commendable. The time, effort, and expertise they invest in coaching not only helps develop the athletes’ skills but also creates an inclusive and empowering environment. Through their guidance, they inspire athletes to reach their full potential and foster a sense of camaraderie within the team. Their unwavering commitment to the Special Olympics movement positively impacts the lives of these athletes, providing them with opportunities to thrive both on and off the playing field.


Oscar Galindo

Kern County

Oscar has more than 15 years experience coaching floorball, bocce, bowling, softball, soccer, golf, participating in Team Wellness, and helping SOSC cultivate donors and sponsors, Oscar is a coach with integrity, great sportsmanship and rule follower.  His leadership shows in his coaching style. He is there to teach the sport and has a “you can do it” attitude of encouragement. Athletes look up to Coach Oscar and want nothing more than to play; Oscar knows this and never misses an opportunity. When he not coaching he is building ramps, award boxes, moving equipment, pulling the SOSC event trailer, cooking for  competitions and telling everyone he meets about SOSC!


Timothy Hannem

Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

Coach Timothy is a large supporter of SOSC, and regularly displays his dedication to SOSC. During the beginning of the season due to coaching shortages and the invigoratation of volunteer recruitment, Timothy stepped in to support both our Menifee and Temecula programs for not just Athletics but additional sports as well. This meant that Timothy supported practices several times a week. Timothy is so happy to help his local program coordinators and athletes. Timothy demonstrates the high-quality SOSC volunteers; not only does the contribute his time and knowledge but also his optimism.


Kim Ennis-McCrory

Los Angeles County-South

Kim has been coaching for the Pomona area for over 15 years. She is an excellent coach that exhibits the following valuable traits:  joint planning, observation, action/practice, reflection, and feedback.  She is also very compassionate, empathic, encouraging and helps each athlete reach their full potential.


John Gray

San Diego County

John has coached 10+ year with SOSC. He is a great communicator with his players and parents/caregivers.  John’s passion for SOSC sports is contagious and his inclusive coaching style is something to be admired. We appreciate all John has done for SOSC!

Flag Football

Tim Stuart

Orange County

Tim is truly an amazing coach and volunteer. When help is needed, he is always there for athletes and anyone else involved with Special Olympics. Coach Tim takes his coaching duties very seriously and does his best to get everyone involved. He is a “swiss army knife” of coaching: he coaches and manages multiple teams throughout the year!


Leslie Runnels-Stover

San Diego County

Leslie is a dedicated coach and always puts the athletes first. The local swim program is continuously growing year after year partly because of her efforts. She encourages SOSC athletes from season to season and wants them to participate in as many competitions as possible.  Leslie is always willing to step in and help; she helped at numerous meets this season in other counties. Leslie even lead a training in Los Angeles County for all swim coaches. Leslie is active in athlete leadership and is eager to help with community events whenever asked.

Thank you coaches for all that you do to make a difference in the lives of Special Olympics athletes!

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