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INSIDE SOSC: What’s in a Name?

Special Olympics Southern California athletes are not afraid to show off their personality. Whether it's their dance moves or big smiles at the sight of a camera, the athletes make it known when they're having a good time. That personality, and a sense of humor, were on display last Saturday through some of the team ...

Year to Remember for Sheriff’s Deputy, Daughter

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Moran remembers the day his daughter, Brittney, was born. As he puts it: "I received an angel from God."

The Art of Body English

Merriam-Webster defines body English as "bodily motions made in a usually unconscious effort to influence the progress of a propelled object." Major league baseball players do it, waving their arms to keep a ball fair. Golfers do it in hopes to influence the ball from hooking into a hazard. At the Southeast Los Angeles Whittier ...

Azusa Police Chief, Daughter Bond Over Special Olympics

Azusa Police Chief Stephan Hunt is no stranger to Special Olympics and the Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley region. It’s become customary to find him in attendance at the Pomona Area Games, interacting with the athletes he’s become familiar with on a first name basis over the years. But he can thank his daughter, Madison, and ...

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