The Art of Body English

Merriam-Webster defines body English as “bodily motions made in a usually unconscious effort to influence the progress of a propelled object.” Major league baseball players do it, waving their arms to keep a ball fair. Golfers do it in hopes to influence the ball from hooking into a hazard. At the Southeast Los Angeles Whittier Area Bowling Competition on Saturday, Special Olympics Southern California bowlers made it an art form.

Arms went up in anticipation of a strike. They went left and right to guide them out of a gutter or onto a single pin for a spare. The athletes bent their knees in one direction to the next. They leaned backwards as the ball sailed to its target. They leaned forward in a non-verbal plea as the ball began to head off its intended path.

They shouted encouragement to the ball and to fellow teammates. Tongues were a common site, depicting concentration, hope and anticipation.

If you have not had a chance to attend a bowling competition, it is a must see. The athletes compete with such energy and joy; it is infectious. Each lane was alive with cheering and support, a smile will never leave your face.

For a taste, check out the photo gallery above for some of the best moments of body English from Saturday. Warning, your cheeks will hurt from the constant smiles.

For the compete gallery and photos from all of the SOSC events, visit our Flickr page by CLICKING HERE.



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