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As announced in August, Special Olympics Southern California (SOSC) has made the decision to cancel all in-person activity through March 2021 and shift our focus and approach to virtual programming and long-term planning.


  • Survey: Learn about each individual athlete’s interests, ability to participate, barriers to participating, and preferred means of receiving SOSC communication.
  • Register: Ensure that each athlete who wants to participate is eligible and registered.
  • Connect: Deliver the necessary equipment, training, information and other resources to athletes and coaches to support participation.


  • Send Unified Fitness Kits to over 7,600 community-based athletes. Develop a system that can provide up-to-date communication and information on a regular basis for athletes.
  • Use our website to post regular updates and information about current and ongoing programming.
  • Conduct Athlete outreach during the month of October.
  • Developed the Return to Activity Plan. You can learn more about this plan at


  • Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, Ongoing
    • Overview: SOSC athletes will work on their fitness, nutrition and hydration in a virtual setting. The goal of the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (HLC) is to encourage athletes to continue on their healthy journey, even when they are not able to train traditionally.
      More Information:  Register and Participate at
  • Move Across California, February 1 – March 12, 2021
    • Overview: Move Across California is a virtual program open to all SOSC participants.  Designed as a 6-week program, Move Across California will bring teams of up to 10 people together, each moving 10,000 steps per day (the daily recommended amount for adults), to achieve 841 team miles by the end of the program.
      More Information:   Coming soon.  Contact your local Special Olympics office for more details.
  • Virtual Sports Leagues, March 15 – Jun 11, 2021
    • Overview: The Virtual Sports Leagues will feature Athletics, Basketball, Bocce, Flag Football & Swimming themed activities.  Existing and newly formed teams will “compete” weekly against each other in a virtual setting.  Team members will earn points for their team by completing several fitness and wellness activities throughout the week.
      More Information:  Coming soon.
  • Virtual Athlete Leadership Training, Ongoing
    • Overview: SOSC will convert the Athlete Leadership training materials and program to an online platform so that we can continue to develop SOSC athletes as leaders during the health crisis and beyond.
      More Information:
  • Unified Champion Schools, Ongoing
    • Overview:  SOSC is committed to work with our school partners to bring inclusive fitness and leadership resources to the classroom.
      More Information: Unified Champion Schools in a Distance Learning Environment at

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